Jars RatedJavaKzmDClock

Date: 12 Jan 1996
Last Release: 17 Sep 1996

Yes, KzmDClock is another digital clock. I've wrote this clock because i like this kind of cock and i didn't find it anywere.
The last release is implemented in graphics (now use the double buffering), have 3 different size. In addition there is a simple Led class (i'll provide specifications about this class as soon as possible).
Every 7 seconds the applet shows the date for 3 seconds.



Size (big|medium|small, default=medium)
The size of the clock. In the example above there is the big clock. Click here to take a look to a medium and small one.
Due to a resize problem in HTML applets, please provide the right width & height for the applet:

ShowBorder (yes|no, default=yes)
If yes, it shows the border of the applet.

ShowDate (yes|no, default=yes)
If set to yes, after 7 seconds the applet shows, for 3 seconds, the date.

DateFormat (all combinations of d=date m=month y=year, default=mdy)
Defines the format of the date.

BackColor (R G B, default=0 0 0)
The background color of the applet.

ForeColor (R G B, default=255 255 255)
The color of the leds.

Copyright (string)
This is a simple copyright line. Please, don't change it. The applet is free, so the only cost is to leave this copyright.


Here is the tag used for the example above:

<APPLET CODE="KzmDClock" WIDTH="188" HEIGHT="56">
 <PARAM NAME="copyright" VALUE="Alex 'Kazuma' Garbagnati, kazuma@energy.it">
 <PARAM NAME="size" VALUE="big">
 <PARAM NAME="showborder" VALUE="yes">
 <PARAM NAME="showdate" VALUE="yes">
 <PARAM NAME="dateformat" VALUE="mdy">
 <PARAM NAME="backcolor" VALUE="255 255 255">
 <PARAM NAME="forecolor" VALUE="0 0 128">

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