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Inserting characters using the Symbol font
To easily insert a character using the Symbol font, choose the Symbol command from the Insert menu. Then choose the Symbol font from the Font menu and select the character you want in the Symbol dialog box.

Increasing available space on the Word menu bar
You can increase the amount of space available on the Word menu bar by selecting the Use Short Menu Names check box, a View option in the Preferences dialog box (Tools menu). This option is especially useful if you have a monitor with a screen that is less than 13 inches wide.

Printing white text on a black background
If you want to print white text on a black background, choose Print from the File menu, and then select the Color/Grayscale option button.

Improvements in Word version 5.1
This section lists improvements to Word that are not described in the What's New in Microsoft Word Version 5.1 manual.

Saving hard disk space when installing Word
Word version 5.1 provides two installation options, Minimal and PowerBook, to make it easier to install Word in a configuration that requires a minimal amount of space on your hard disk. The ReadMe Before Installation file lists the files that are installed with these options, as do the comments at the bottom of the Customize dialog box in the Installer program.

Subscribing to an edition and updating a subscriber
You can specify the format you want to use for a subscriber by using the Subscribe With list box in the Subscribe To dialog box. The default format is Best Format, which varies according to the edition format and system considerations, such as the amount of available memory. Other choices include Formatted Text (RTF), Unformatted Text, and Picture.
When you update a subscriber, you can maintain character and paragraph formatting you have applied to the subscriber by selecting the Keep Subscriber Formatting Changes check box in the Subscriber Options dialog box.

Updating a link
When you update a link, you can maintain character and paragraph formatting you have applied to linked text by selecting the Keep Link Formatting Changes check box in the Link Options dialog box. For example, if you apply right alignment formatting to a linked paragraph and then update the link, the paragraph will remain right aligned.

Moving a document to a different computer
In Word version 5.0, fonts sometimes changed when you moved a document from the computer on which it was created to a different machine. In Word version 5.1, this problem has been corrected.

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Moving Word to the Macintosh desktop
In Word version 5.0, some commands did not function properly if Word was moved from the original installation folder and placed on the Macintosh desktop. In Word version 5.1, this problem has been corrected.

Using the Grammar command on some Macintosh models
In Word version 5.0, using the Grammar command sometimes caused Word to quit unexpectedly when running on the Macintosh Plus, SE, Classic, Portable, and PowerBook 100 models. In Word version 5.1, this problem has been corrected.

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What's New in Microsoft Word Version 5.1

When you display the default Toolbar horizontally on a 9-inch screen, the Toolbar has five more buttons than shown in the illustration in the "Default Buttons for All Screens" section. The Toolbar also contains the Border, Font Up, Font Down, Find File, and Replace buttons.

You cannot use the Cut command to cut frames from a movie.

Microsoft Word User's Guide

The Grammar command does not use the Gunning Fog Index.