KzmMessage free applet

Alex Garbagnati

The KzmMessage free applet displays a scrolling text message across the screen.
You don't have java! Why don't you get: Microsoft Explorer

You can use this applet with a static message defined in the <PARAM ...> tag, or different messages readed by a file. In this case you can choose to show only one message every time that the page is loaded or every time that the message disappears from the screen it changes. The change can be defined to follow the sequence of messages in the file (first line 1, then line 2, then line 3 and so on) or random readed every time. Click HERE for some examples.
The file must be present in the same directory that contains the html file that uses the applet!

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java applet parameters

<APPLET CODE="KzmMessage.class" WIDTH="350" HEIGHT="30">
<PARAM NAME="copyright" VALUE="Alex 'Kazuma' Garbagnati,">
<PARAM NAME="shift" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="delay" VALUE="25">
<PARAM NAME="font_size" VALUE="24">
<PARAM NAME="font_italic" VALUE="yes">
<PARAM NAME="font_bold" VALUE="yes">
<PARAM NAME="back_color" VALUE="255 255 255">
<PARAM NAME="text_color" VALUE="0 0 0">
<PARAM NAME="message_type" VALUE="applet">
<PARAM NAME="message_file" VALUE="Welcome to!!!">
Your browser isn't java enabled!!! Get Internet Explorer<a href="">here</a> </APPLET>

java applet explanation

To use the KzmMessage java applet, I

java applet parameter values

Font_Size (int, default=12)
The size of the font.

Font_Bold (yes|no, default="no")
Use yes if you wanna the message in bold.

Font_Italic (yes|no, default="no")
Use yes if you wanna the message in italic.

Shift (int, default=2)
This is the shifting of the message.

Delay (int, default=50)
The delay (in milliseconds) between every shift.

Back_Color (vbar|hbar|line, default=hbar)
The background color.

Text_Color (string, default="")
The color of the text..

Message_Type (applet|file, default="applet")
If this parameter is applet, the scrolling message is the one defined into the parameter "message_file" below. If the value is "file" the message is readed from the file indicated with "message_file". It is read using the sequence indicated in the "sequence" parameter below.

Message_File (string or filename, no default)
If the "message_type", above, parameter is "applet", this parameter contains the message to scroll. Else is the filename of the file that contains the messages to be read in the sequence indicated by the below parameter "sequence".

Sequence (order|random|static, default="random")
This parameter is valid ONLY if you're working with a file:
- "order" = messages are readed sequently as are inserted in the file.
- "random" = every message is random readed from the file.
- "static" = the message change (randomly) only after a reload.

Copyright (string)
This is a simple copyright line. Please, don't change it. The applet is free, so the only cost is to leave this copyright.

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