JSearch free applet

Hans Wolters

The JSearch free applet provides ready access to 48 Search Engines that you can search from the convenience of your web site.

You don't have java! Why don't you get: Microsoft Explorer
Need to find info on Software, Stocks, News, Law or just find something interesting on the web. The Java Search Engine will do the job.

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To use the JSearch free java applet, I

java applet parameters

<APPLET CODE="s21.class" WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=100>
<PARAM NAME="pic" VALUE="Free-Applets.JPG">
<PARAM NAME=target Value="_top">
Your browser isn't java enabled!!! Get Internet Explorer<a href="http://www.microsoft.com/ie">here</a>

Parameter: pic
Description: GIF or JPG image to be displayed starting at the upper-left hand corner of the applet.
Default: No picture
Parameter: target
Description: "_blank", "_top", "_parent", "_self" or the frame name.
Default: None. This parameter is required.

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